We are your average 30-something couple with a soon to be teenage daughter and over enthusiastic dog. In our spare time we caravan which allows us to spend time together away from the mundane 9-5 and switch off to a degree. I (Andy) have a passion for the outdoors be it cycling, camping, walking or water sport; I  also play drums in a band. Debbie is an assistant Scout leader which takes up a fair amount of her time and energy and dabbles in sewing/dressmaking when time allows, she does join me in the great outdoors when i do trips less “epic” and when it’s warmer. Leah is your typical 12 year old; when she’s not glued to her smartphone, she goes to scouts, is a better artist than she believes she is and is attempting to learn guitar. Our 4 legged  friend, Mason is the latest addition to the family; we adopted him from a rescue centre in April 2014, he’s been my shadow ever since.